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Disability Insurance to Replace Your Income

Like a well-wisher, our life insurance policy covers you like a shadow! Enroll yourself today to protect your paycheck in the event of serious illness or permanent disability.

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How much does it cost?

The cost of disability insurance in Houston is actually depends on number of factors such as health history, type of occupation you do, risks in your job, age, gender and the type of policies you chose, waiting period and amount of benefits you are looking for?

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The elder you are, the more expensive premiums you will have to pay.

For the employees working in hazardous environment will generally have high premiums.

For women the coverage costs are comparatively higher than men as women are more prone to health disease.

The healthier you are, the more coverage you will get at lowest premiums.

Maximum coverage covers maximum monthly/yearly premiums.

What does disability insurance covers ?

To make sure your life does not get affected with your illness or disability, make a visit to our service! Disability life insurance ensures safety net for your family and maintains the way of living like before. The more benefits you get from our Houston disability life insurance policies are;

  • Mortgage loan payoff.

  • Home rent and electricity bills.

  • Grocery expenses.

  • Your medical expenses.

  • Child education fees.

  • Childcare.

  • Future planning

  • Utilities & credit cards payments

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What is Disability Insurance?

Disability insurance generates the income when you are no longer able to continue your job like before. It provides coverage for number of critical illness and disability such as heart condition, broken legs, and cancer, paralyzed and so on.

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Wondering why you need disability insurance if enrolled in workers compensation program from the company?

Group life insurance or employee compensation insurance only provides benefits when you get injured or die on the job. Our disability life insurance covers when you feel difficult to return to your job due to serious illness, accidents outside work and death.

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Types of Disability Insurance

Short-term disability insurance

This type of disability insurance provides short-term coverage up to 1 year for your temporary disability till you join the company again. Also, this insurance only covers 80% of your lost income.

Long-term disability insurance

Long term disability life insurance provide benefits for the long-term disability or permanent disabilityusually incurs high premiums and remain active for more than 1 years.

Frequently Asked Questions

My company has provided me “disability insurance”. Do I need separate disability insurance apart from my job?

My company has provided me “disability insurance”. Do I need separate disability insurance apart from my job?

Probably yes, because the group life insurance provided by your companies are generally tax-deductible. Also, company’s provided life insurance policy only return 5-0-60% of your income in the event of disability. Third, this disability insurance only covers the disability or death happened during the working hours of a company. Fourth, if you leave company by yourself, there might be possibilities of getting no coverage.

It’s better to contact local Houston life insurance companies for supplementary disability life insurance today as accidents and death can be happen outside the company!

Will my disability insurance cover maternity leaves?

Will my disability insurance cover maternity leaves?

Most of the companies pay 12 weeks of unpaid leave but if you are missing the short-term disability insurance from your company, you can guarantee your loss of income till delivery from a private life insurance company.

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