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Key Person Insurance: Protects Your Business from Financial Loss

Keyman policies helps business survives when it loses its core employees.

A Keyman policy ensures continuity of a business when a core employee leaves the company in the event of unexpected death or disability. Owning a keyman life insurance policies on its key employees helps strengthening your relationship, increase value of your business & enjoy business expansion.

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What is Keyman Life Insurance Policy ?

Keyman life insurance is a financial aid provided to the policyholder when a keyman dies unexpectedly. Due to sudden death or disability, company finds it difficult to survive, as it takes both time and money to replace valuable employees. With keyman policies, the company gets guaranteed death payout which they can use to;

Takeaways: Keyman policies or corporate-owned insurance policies benefits only the company’s owners not its key employees. The business itself pays, own and benefits from the keyman life insurance policies. So if you want employee life insurance policy, term life insurance policy or group life insurance policy to secure your family financially, please talk to our bestlife insurance agents in Houston here!

Payoff mortgage loans

Companies expenses.

Business expansion.

Replace loss of income.

Hiring and replacement.

Building rent and so on

Key Person Insurance - Best Commercial Insurance Houston

Losing a key employee is always a blow to a company, but it can be an especially devastating blow to a small business. Small businesses don't have the same deep pools of talent to draw from that larger businesses do, so losing a key employee can set them back significantly. That's why key person insurance is such an important type of coverage for small business owners to have.

Key person insurance is a kind of business insurance Houston Texas that a business takes out on one of its key employees. The death benefit from the policy is paid to the business, which can use it to cover expenses such as recruiting and training a replacement, meeting loan obligations, and keeping the business afloat during a time of turmoil.

Why Do Small Businesses Need It?

As we mentioned before, small businesses are particularly vulnerable to the loss of a key employee. The death of a key employee can cause all sorts of disruptions to a small business, including:

-Loss of revenue: If your business depends heavily on one individual for sales or other forms of revenue generation, their death could cause a significant drop in income.

-Decreased efficiency: Even if you have other employees who can pick up the slack, it will take some time for them to get up to speed and be as productive as the person you lost. This can lead to decreased efficiency and increased expenses.

-Damage to morale: The death of a coworker, especially someone who was well-liked and respected, can damage morale among the remaining employees. This can lead to increased absenteeism and turnover, which will further compound the problems caused by the loss. 

How Much Does Houston Life Insurance Cost ?

The cost of key person insurance will vary depending on factors such as the age and health of the insured, the amount of coverage you purchase, and whether you choose term or permanent life insurance. However, it's important to keep in mind that the cost of not having this coverage could be much higher if your business is forced to close its doors because of the sudden loss of a key employee.

No one likes to think about what would happen if they or one of their employees died suddenly, but it's an important consideration for small business owners. If you depend heavily on one individual for revenue or other critical functions, their death could have a devastating impact on your business. To protect yourself against this possibility, consider purchasing key person life insurance. It could be the difference between your business thriving or failing if tragedy strikes.

When you Need Keyman Policies ?

  • The premise of Key Person Insurance is often appropriate when the trade at stake falls under various parameters:

  • If the individual whose death would lead to irreversible effects cannot be replaced; if their disappearance would spell disaster for your establishment.

  • If said individual was responsible for generating half of the revenue annually from products and services; or if they had possession over vital resources that are hard to find outside this industry - it might just make sense then.

  • Key Person Insurance policies come with adequate protection should you need them.

  • If you're running a business where one person's death can destroy it all - then this is a necessary line of protection. 

  • If you have creditors who are lending you money but wants assurance that they’ll be able to reclaim some from insurance if things goes south - this cover will do just that.

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Types of key person insurance

When you need the best coverage for your most important assets, Key Person Insurance makes complete sense. Are you wondering how many options do you have for getting Houston keyman policies? We offer three types of life insurance policies to fund your keyman business insurance;

 Houston term life insurance
  • Term Life Insurance- Term life insurance is a short term investment you can own on behalf of your key employees.

  • Permanent Life Insurance- To enjoy long-care protection of your business, permanent disability life insurance is best.

  • Disability Keyman Insurance- Company does not fallout only when a keyman dies instead it could face financial strain in the event of physical disability, therefore, we offer best key person disability insurance to compensate your business loss.

How Much Key Man Life Insurance Cost You?

The cost of key man life insurance depends on:

Type of policy purchased

Permanent life insurance policies can offer a range of benefits, risks, and costs. Term life insurance policies are usually less expensive than permanent life insurance policies because they offer coverage for a specific period of time.

Policy death benefit:

A larger amount of coverage will result in higher premiums.

Employee’s health and lifestyle

The level of risk associated with an employee is determined by such factors as age, health history, hobbies, occupation, family history, and driving record.

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